Initial Setup:
Click the button for either 'Independent Samples' or 'Correlated Samples' to indicate which version of the two-sample t-test you wish to perform. If the Setup operation is not performed, the programming will default to the independent-samples design.
Entering Data Directly into the Text Fields:
After clicking the cursor into the scrollable text area for sample A, enter the values for that sample in sequence, pressing the carriage return key after each entry except the last. (On a Macintosh platform, the carriage return key is labeled 'Return'; on a Windows platform it is labeled 'Enter.') Perform the same procedure for sample B.
Importing Data via Copy & Paste:
Within the spreadsheet application or other source of your data, select and copy the column of data for sample A. Then return to your web browser, click the cursor into the text area for sample A and perform the 'Paste' operation from the 'Edit' menu. Perform the same procedure for sample B.
Data Check:

For each sample, make sure that the final entry is not followed by a carriage return. (A carriage return after the final entry in a sample will be interpreted as an extra data entry whose value is zero. Importing data via the copy and paste procedure will almost always produce an extra carriage return at the end of a column.) After all values for a sample have been entered, click the cursor immediately to the right of the final entry in the list, then press the down-arrow key. If an extra line is present, the cursor will move downward. Extra lines can be removed by pressing the down-arrow key until the cursor no longer moves, and then pressing the 'Backspace' key (on a Mac platform, 'delete') until the cursor stands immediately to the right of the final entry.

If you are performing a correlated-samples analysis, also make sure that the values for each sample are entered in the appropriate sequence. Note that a correlated-samples analysis presupposes equal numbers of observations for each sample.

When all sample values have been entered, click the button labeled 'Calculate.'